How to Recover iTunes Playlists from iPod?

Technologies are growing so fast and producing the best outputs at each attempt. One of the inventions is iPods, which made music so close to people. iPods are the replacement of Walkman with more features. Walkman is way behind from iPods. iPod are mean to play the digital music, they are portable, having inbuilt memory to hold the data and many more features to add in the list.

iPods are in the common reach of man. Music lover’s favorite device is iPods. Less maintenance, less cost, best services these are the features provided by iPods. One of the strong features which iPod hold is the feature of keeping the photos and makes them available whenever they are needed. Files are stored in the iPods, and can be manipulated as per the requirement of user. No software is needed to make synchronization from computer. Just iTunes are used to manage the data is not a particular software to do the management work but it is media player which is used as software.

iPod recovery utility is an efficient recovery tool for restore my iPod that retrieves deleted audio files, video files and photo files from iPod. When you delete a file from iPod, they are not lost permanently. They remain in the memory of iPod as invisible data, until they are overwritten by a new file. This software can identify such invisible data and can efficiently retrieve them.

Data loss scenarios of iTunes playlists from iPod are as follows:

  • Human Error: Files can be lost from iTunes application due to common human mistakes like accidental deletion of iTunes library or music files, upgrading the iTunes version without creating a upgraded backup, accidental restoration of iTunes etc.
  • Corruption in iTunes folder: Sometime, while trying to open the audio files stored within iTunes, you may get error message. The entire audio files in the iTunes music folder become inaccessible after getting the error message leading to file loss from iTunes. The main reasons behind this may be corruption or damage to the music folder, incorrect assignment of the music folder in the registry, incorrect placement of the music folder etc.
  • Error in synchronization: iTunes is a digital media player application, which manages the contents of iPod and used in playing digital music and video files as well. Sometimes, when you try to synchronize any iPod to the iTunes in your system, you may encounter error message. This type of error arises when you try to send a file to your iPod which is already infected. By using this application you can retrieve photos from iPod which is lost / deleted due to sync error. Go ahead and see this page to know how this software will actually work.
  • iTunes Crash: Sometimes, the iTunes application may crash or stop responding after installing the updates. It makes your iTunes library as well as the volume in which it is stored inaccessible leading to data loss. This kind of problem may arise due to corrupted iTunes library, damaged system files in iTunes library, the hard drive volume which stores iTunes library is corrupted, Mac critical data structures or system files are corrupted or missing etc.

Key features of recover iTunes playlists from iPod:

  • Supports data restoration and also retrieve files from iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Mini and iPod Shuffle.
  • Restore iPod files lost due to synchronization errors, file system corruption or due to abrupt ejection of iPod during file transfer.
  • Ability to recover various media files types like MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, WAV etc.
  • Retrieve data after accidental format or reset operation on iPod.
  • With this tool you can even recover Mp3 files from iPod Classic. Visit this link to know more about this tool.

  • Facilitates with “Save Recovery session” option to resume your scanning information, which helps to prevent re-scanning.
  • Support both 32 bit and 64 bit operating system.
  • It is the best tool to restore iPod files in less time, refer this page to read more:
  • Separate builds available for Windows and Mac operating system ussers. It supports iPod recovery on Mac and Windows. Navigate to this link to read more.

Tips to avoid data loss in iTunes playlists from iPod in future:

  • Always maintain a proper backup of your important files.
  • Do not disconnect the iPod from the computer abruptly while iTunes is being synchronized with the iPod.
  • Be careful while using the iTunes, so that you do not end up in accidentally restoring the iTunes or deleting the iTunes file unintentionally.

Steps to recover iTunes playlists from iPod are as follows:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of iTunes playlists from iPod recovery software. After installation select “RECOVER PHOTOS” from the main screen.

Recover My iPod- Main screen

Step 2: Select “RECOVER LOST PHOTOS” to recover lost music file from iPod. Then select iPod from which you need to recover iTunes playlists. Then software scans the iPod to recover lost data.

Recover My iPod- Select Recover Lost Photos to recover lost media files

Step 3: Then you can view the list of recovered files in "FILE TYPE VIEW" and then select your recovered music file and "PREVIEW" the recovered file in separate window.

Recover My iPod- View the list of recovered data in File type view

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Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

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