How to Recover Deleted & Lost MP3 files from iPod Classic?

iPod Classic is the most popular portable device, which is widely used for storing video, audio and picture files. iPod Classic became popular in very less span of time due to its portable and attractive model. You can not only store music files in these devices, but also other text files such as video clips, e-books and etc. The advantage of an iPod Classic is that it is easy to carry and have high storage capacity. It is just like a good friend and you can carry it wherever you go. But, have you ever imagined a situation where your precious MP3 files are went missing from iPod Classic? This uncertain situation is surely heartbreaking for you and it becomes more horrible when you come to know that you don’t have the backup of those MP3 files.

Let’s assume a scenario where you connected your iPod Classic to your system to transfer few Mp3 files. But in between file transferring process sudden hardware failure occurred and the system got terminated improperly. You unplugged our iPod and connect it to another laptop. Your get surprised after finding this that all the MP3 files which you were transferring were missing. Losing favorite music track from iPod bring great disappointment. Usually, at such circumstances users get upset as they are unaware with this fact that iPod recovery is possible and it is very easy to recover Mp3 files from iPod Classic using my iPod recovery tool. It helps you to carry out iPod disk recovery and get back all your lost data from iPod.

Some more reasons which leads to data loss on iPods Classic:

  • Unintentionally deleting a wrong MP3 file from iPod, while deleting useless one is the most reason for file loss from iPod Classic.
  • Spyware or Malware infection on the iPod is another big reason for file loss on iPods Classic.
  • Accidentally formatting an iPod when connected to Macintosh will erase entire data from the iPod.
  • If the file transferring process from iPod to the computer or vice versa, get interrupted in between, then it ends with file loss.
  • Restoring the iPod setting to get rid of minor errors, result in complete data loss from iPod. But, there is a tool which can recover deleted music from iPod after restoring it.
  • Virus invasion is one more factor which makes the music on iPod Classic inaccessible. When it causes damage to your iPod Classic you may observe your iPod Classic saying no music but memory full. But this kind of error is temporary and it can be overcome with the help of recover my iPod software.

All these scenarios can only be handled by iPod files recovery tool. This tool is among the best to recover all your deleted / lost files from iPods Classic. If your iPod Classic is corrupted and you are not able to access your music files due to this corruption then just make use of this best iPod Classic music extractor tool. The program has user friendly interface through which you can easily recover your iPod files, without facing any difficulty. Additional to recovery from iPod Classic, you can even use this tool to recovers data from iPod Nano/iPod Shuffle / and iPod Mini.

So, if you lose your MP3 from your iPod Classic, don’t get upset. Immediately stop using the iPod and go for iPod recovery tool and recover your Mp3 files. Because, adding new files on the iPod will overwrites the deleted files space and makes recovery difficult. So, don’t use your iPod further for storing new files, if you are looking to recover files from it. With this tool you can even recover video files from your iPod.

The best thing about this tool is that it recovers files from various data storage drive such as hard drive, flash cards, portable hard drive, USB drive etc. It is a highly supportive tool to retrieve information from a broken iPod that too in few easy clicks of mouse. Trial version of this utility was also there, use the trial version and judge the software performance. In trial version you will get two options one is preview and one save recovery session. By clicking on preview option you can preview your files before saving it. Save recovery session option will help to avoid rescanning of device. After trying trial version if you feel that the software did well for you, then you can go for its licensed version. This software is separately available for both Windows and Mac OS based PC.

Steps to recover MP3 files from iPod Classic:

Step 1: Download, and install the free edition of Recover My Ipod software on your systen. Now, connect the iPod to the system, and launhc the software. From the main window, choose Recover Photos option. Then, a list of available drives are displayed on the screen. Choose the drive representing your iPod, and hit Scan button to start scanning the iPod to find deleted & lost files.

Recover MP3 Files from iPod Classic - Main screen

Step 2: Now the software scans the iPod to locate the deleted/lost songs. Once scanning and recovery is complete, the recovered files are displayed in Data View, and File Type View as shown in the below figure.

Recover MP3 Files from iPod Classic - Recovered Files in Data View & File Type View

Step 3: Now, you can preview each of the recovered files just by right-clicking on the respective file, and hitting Preview button, as shown in the figure below.

Recover MP3 Files from iPod Classic - Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: At last, select the required files that you want to restore and hit Save button to save the recovered files, as showin in the below figure.

Recover MP3 Files from iPod Classic - Save Recovered Files

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