How to get files off iPod?

Files stored on your iPod can be lost due to various reasons, such as accidental deletion, device formatting, virus infection or system error. May you feel irritating after encountering such situation. But, no need to worry about it, you can easily recover lost file from your iPod unless it is not overwritten by any new data.

So, if you really want to recover deleted/lost files from iPod, you need to stop using it as soon as the files are missing and go for a powerful iPod recovery program such as my iPod recovery tool. Using iPod file recovery tool you can recover deleted, formatted or corrupted files from your iPod in few simple steps. It recovers iPod data without bothering about the reason for files loss. This is among the best utility to get files off iPod in short amount of time. Here you will get complete info about how to get files off iPod using my iPod recovery tool, under various situations.

How is it possible to get files off iPod?

It is possible to restore files from iPod, because when you perform delete or format operation on your iPod the file are not erase permanently. The deleted files are still on the same address location where it was before deletion; only the address pointers to the files have been removed. The place where the deleted files were stored is tag as free or null and is available for any new iPod files. If you add any new files on you iPod, the new files will occupy the free location and overwrites the previous information. If the deleted files are not overwritten by new files, then with the help of my iPod recovery tool you can easily restore your iPod file back. This tool even allows the you to recover iPod data after update.

What are the common reasons which results in file loss from iPod?

  • Accidentally formatting the iPod drive instead of another drive on system, results in complete data loss form iPod
  • Restoring the iPod to its original factory settings (or) performing “Restore” operation using iTunes also leads to file loss from iPod
  • Interruption while file transferring operation from iPod to computer hard drive or to some other device many times ends iPod file loss
  • Sometime, by mistake users delete some of their favorite songs from the iPod while playing it on media player
  • Forcefully removing the iPod, during synchronization process results in iPod corruption which in turns brings file loss from iPod
  • Connecting the iPod with virus infected PC will corrupt the files from the iPod and leads in severe file loss

If you lost your favorite songs or photo files from your iPod due to any of the above mentioned situation, then immediately go for iPod recovery tool to perform iPod file recovery. With my iPod recovery tool you can also recover erased music file from your iPod at your finger tips. Want to know how, then follow this This program has simple and user friendly interface, which helps users with less technical knowledge. This utility ensures complete recovery of all your deleted or lost MP3, MP4 files from iPod under various file loss circumstances. Using this expert application you can restore files from iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. If you want to get music off from iPod Shuffle then click on the link right here.

By applying this tool you can even get back RAW images captured using different digital cameras such as Canon, Samsung, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Nikon, Sony and etc. Further the software is compatible to run on all the latest Windows and Mac operating system. Visit this page to recollect complete information on iPod recovery Mac.

Special Note: “Protect your iPod from any type of physical damage, because this application recovers your iPod files only when it is not physically damaged”

Things to Remember:

  • Never save your recovered files back to the same iPod device which results in overwriting
  • Always backup your important iPod files before performing “Format” or “Restore” operation
  • Remove viruses from your iPod using a powerful antivirus application
  • Never eject your iPod during file transfer or synchronization process

Learn how to get files off iPod:

Step1: Get demo version of this toolkit and install it on your system. Plug-in the iPod device to the computer. Run the tool and select "Recover Photos” option from the main screen as in Figure 1. Then, select “Recover Deleted Photos” or Recover Lost Photos” based on your scenario.

How to get Files off IPod - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: After this select iPod from where you want to get music off and click on “Next” button to proceed as in Figure 2.

How to get Files off IPod - Select iPod

Figure 2: Select iPod

Step3: Once done with the process, you can preview the recovered files by using “File Type View” or “Data Type View” as in Figure 3.

How to get Files off IPod - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files

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