iPod Nano Data Recovery Software

iPod Nano has been loved by millions of media player users ever since Apple Inc. has launched its overwhelming music player. iPod Nano has made remarkable changes the way the people used their earlier media players by supporting video and picture formats on it. But like other digital device there is one common problem in using iPod Nano and that is iPod data loss. Data loss is uncontrollable in some scenarios and may happen without your mistake. You could have accidentally deleted some files from your iPod Nano or lost music or video files due to incorrect handling of iPod or sync errors etc. Whatever is the cause behind deletion of iPod Nano files, you will finally end up losing your priceless pictures, music and videos from iPod Nano. Don’t get tensed when someone tells that you cannot get back data from iPod Nano. That is not true!!! This is becuase of the fact that, when the files are deleted from iPod Nano, they are not only logically deleted, but remain intact to their original disk space. To successfully recover files from iPod Nano you need to make use of an efficient iPod recovery tool. There are many iPod restoration tools available to resolve your problem. iPod recovery software is a wonderful tool that has ability to recover my iPod files lost / deleted from iPod Nano on both Windows and Macintosh.

As your iPod Nano is the best means to get refreshed when you are travelling alone or disturbed, losing files would be really painful for you. No need to get upset, when files get deleted or lost from iPod Nano, they are not actually gone forever. Only space occupied by deleted files is marked as null and reusable whereas the deleted file still remains on iPod Nano. Incase if memory space in iPod Nano where the lost files were stored before has been overwritten, you have very less chances of getting them back. So it is essential to stop adding new files on iPod Nano device from where you want to recover your deleted files, it will prevent overwriting of deleted file. Don’t format or restore iPod to its factory setting and don’t overloading iPod with more number of files than its actual storage capacity. All you need to do is selecting right software for Mac iPod recovery and Windows iPod recovery, download trial version of iPod recovery utility on your computer and recover the deleted / lost data. For more helpful hints go here.

Common reason which leads to inaccessibility of files from iPod Nano are:

  • Virus Attack: Viruses such as malware, spyware, Trojan etc. are destructive programs, which can corrupt any application resulting in error messages. Therefore, it is always recommended to use the updated antivirus program to remove viruses. This tool not only helps you to recover data from iPod Nano but also has potential to recover deleted songs from iPod Shuffle.
  • Registry corruption: If registry is corrupted then it becomes difficult to access any application installed on your computer. In such case, if you try to synchronize the iPod Nano data using iTunes application then you may get error messages resulting in loss of data.
  • Ejecting iPod while synchronizing files: If you accidentally eject or abruptly removes your iPod Nano while synchronizing the data then there are chances that your iPod may get corrupted resulting in inaccessibility of files from your iPod Nano. Discover here, the details of recovery in that situation.
  • Outdated software: If you are using an older version of iTunes, which is not compatible with respective operating system then you may get error message. You should update the software with the latest version in order to avoid this problem. Using software you can restore iTunes playlists from iPod.

You can follow some precautions to avoid any further data loss from your iPod Nano:

Stop using and saving the recovered on affected iPod to prevent overwriting of files thereby avoiding permanent data loss. Always maintain updated back up of your important files to restore files when you face any of the data loss scenarios mentioned above.

Features of iPod Nano recovery tool are as follows:

It is designed with advanced algorithms that help in identifying and recovering different types of files from iPod Nano. The software helps you to recover audio files and video files with utmost ease. This software can also restore files from iPod Nano, iPod shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Classic etc. and works well on both Windows and Mac operating system. This powerful tool has the capability to recover songs from frozen iPod Nano as well as from other models of iPod. Using this tool user can even restore iPod data after update. Click on the given link to regain more information on iPod recovery after update.

User can use the demo version of this software to evaluate the recovery results. Preview option is available to view the recovered files that are recovered from different models of iPod. If the results on demo version is as per their expectation, then they can buy the licensed version of this tool. Here is the related site https://www.recovermyipod.net/restore-photos.html which gives you complete explanation about this relaible tool.

Steps to restore data from iPod Nano are as follows:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of iPod Nano recovery software and select “RECOVER PHOTO” from the main screen.

Recover My iPod- Main screen

Step 2: Select “RECOVER LOST PHOTOS" to recover the lost media file. Then select iPod Nano from which you have lost data from list identified physical drives and click on "NEXT". Select audio, video or photo filesthat you want to recover from ipod Nano.

Recover My iPod- Select Recover Lost Photos to recover lost media files

Step 3: After scanning you can view the list of recovered media files in "FILE TYPE VIEW" then select the recovered file which you want to recover and click on "PREVIEW" to view the recovered file in separate window.

Recover My iPod- View the list of recovered data in File type view

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users