How to Retrieve Information from a Broken iPod?

Have you lost some of the important information from your broken iPod? Now, wondering how to restore data from broken iPod? Do not get panic!! In this article you will find a perfect solution for data recovery from broken iPod problem i.e. iPod recovery tool which is an excellent software that can easily recover data from a broken iPod. There are many reasons due to which the iPod files gets corrupted or broken, thus leading to inaccessibilty of the iPod files and when you try to access them unknown error message pops up. However, by using this iPod recovery tool you can resolve all the your problem related to broken iPod.

Before knowing how to retrieve information from a broken iPod, let us see why iPod is preferred by many

iPod has become a trend now; However it is been used by all kind of age group starting from childrens to adults because of its wonderful features like less cost, easy maintenance, best services and many more. Different files like photos, music, etc can be stored in your iPod device, and can be modified as per the user requirement. Instead of all such wonderful features many users also suffer from some common problem that is data loss. There are many reasons for data loss and one of them is broken iPod, which results in loss of files that are stored in iPod device.

Other scenarios which leads to information loss in iPod:

  • Error messages like “iTunes.exe-corrupt file”, which will not allow you to access the media files from iPod. This type of error occurs generally, when the file system of the iPod is broken or corrupted. In situations like this, you can use iPod recovery software that knows how to retrieve information from a broken iPod and makes it possible to recover iTunes playlists from iPod which is broken or corrupted

  • If your iPod device gets infected from some harmful virus program, then it corrupts the file system of your iPod thereby resulting in inaccessibility of all the information present in the iPod leading to data loss.
  • Human error is the main reason behind deletion of files from iPod. Sometimes, while using your iPod you might accidentally press “Delete all” button, which will erase all the important files from the iPod. Carry on reading for recovery of deleted files from iPod by digging here:

Why this software is preferred to restore data from broken iPod?

  • Software supports all types of iPod models like iPod Mini, iPod Classic, iPod shuffle generation and other corresponding devices.  
  • You can retrieve files from iPod Nano, by using this software.
  • On Windows operating system, iTunes 4.7 can distinguish following file formats using selected folder of photos or Adobe Photoshop Album and Adobe Photoshop Elements: SGI, BMP, TIF, GIF, PSD, JPG, PNG and JPEG.
  • Software anwers well on how to retrieve information from a broken iPod and it can recover data from accidental iPod data Reset operation performed or from formatted iPod.
  • It can effectively perform iPod recovery on Mac. Click this link which helps you to learn more about iPod recovery of Mac.

Steps to restore data from broken iPod:

Step1: Download and install free demo version of iPod recovery software. After installation select “RECOVER PHOTOS” from the main screen as shown in Figure 1

How to Retrieve Information from a broken iPod  - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: Select “RECOVER LOST PHOTOS” to know how to retrieve data from a broken iPod. Then select iPod from which you need to recover data from broken iPod. Then software scans the broken iPod to recover lost data as shown in Figure2.

How to Retrieve Information from a broken iPod - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step3: Then you can view the list of recovered files in "FILE TYPE VIEW" and then select your recovered information and "PREVIEW" the recovered information before you save it to your desired location as shown in Figure3.

How to Retrieve Information from a broken iPod - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files

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