How to Retrieve Data From Formatted iPod???

iPod is one of the most widely used device developed by Apple. You can use iPod to store your favorite music, videos, pictures and many other file formats. If you are an iPod user and have formatted your iPod accidently and looking to recover data from formatted iPod, then do not panic here in this post you will come to know how to perform formatted iPod data Recovery with the help of Recover My iPod application. Many users believe that once they have formatted their iPod then all the data is lost from it, but this is not the truth. Data still exists there, only its entry from iPod file system is removed and that place is marked as available to store new data on it which can be recovered with the help of recovery tool such as Recover My iPod.

There are many reasons where you might end up with formatting of your iPod, some of those which are most popular are mentioned below.

Accidental formatting is one of the most common reasons where your data from iPod is lost. This incident happens when you connect your iPod to the system for transferring data to and from iPod, then instaed of ejecting you might tap on format button and format your iPod device causing loss of all vital data.

Intentional formatting is also accountable for loss of data from iPod device. When your iPod device gets corrupted, then when you connect it to your system a pop up message is shown to you asking to format iPod in order to get it recognized on your system. If you do so then all the data stored on it is lost. It is oblivious that after such type of incident you might be disturbed and thinking about how to retrieve data from formatted iPod. But, you need not to worry about it as there is a tool called Recover My iPod that can come handy to restore data from iPod after format. For additional reading on recover my iPod software, tap on the given link

Sometimes, when you attempt to synchronize your iPod music from your system and this attempt fails then chances are high that your iPod might get corrupt. Now, if you want to fix this issue then you need to format your iPod. And, if you go for formatting it then all the data from it is lost in just a couple of seconds. This problem turns out to be a great trouble if there is no separate back up of your iPod data. But, luckily you can recover data from formatted iPod. This tool can recover lost or deleted data from various iPod models such as iPod Nano, iPod shuffle, iPod Mini and many more. To know more about iPod Nano recovery, visit here on given link:

Apart from this, virus or malware can also lead to format you iPod. So, if you format your iPod device without taking its data backup then you might get into a trouble and start looking for a tool to restore data from formatted iPod. Thus, if you want to recover data from formatted iPod then you have to make use of Recover my iPod tool that is specially designed to carry out formatted iPod data recovery with ease. In addition to formatted data recovery, this toolkit is capable enough to retrieve deleted apps from iPod of different models within very less time.

Irrespective of data formatting scenarios, you can easily get back data from formatted iPod by making use of our tool which is mentioned above in this post. This tool has the ability to recover data from formatted iPod as well other storage devices like memory card, external hard drives, laptops, computers, digital cameras and more. It supports recovery of images, videos, music and many other file formats. Once the recovery is over you can preview recovered content using the preview facility of this tool. Thus, if you are tensed and thinking about how to retrieve data from formatted iPod, then I would like offer my sincere suggestion to make use of Recover My iPod. One can make use of this software to restore data from iPod after format on both Windows as well as on Mac OS X based computers. Apart from this, it is also capable to recover accidently deleted songs from iPod with different models like iPod Nano, Shuffle, Classic, Mini, etc. with ease.

Steps to get back data from formatted iPod:

Step1: Connect iPod to your computer. Then, download and install demo version of this tool on your computer and then launch it. Now, from main screen select Recover Drives option as shown in figure 1.

Recover Data from Formatted iPod - Main screen

Step 2: After this from next screen, choose Formatted / Reformatted Recovery scenario. Then, choose the connected iPod device and click on Next button, after this the software will start formatted iPod data recovery process.

Recover Data from Formatted iPod - Select Data Loss Scenario

Step 3: Now, once the formatted iPod data recovery is completed you can see the preview of recovered files as shown in figure 3.

Recover Data from Formatted iPod - Preview Recovered Data

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